J-CODE Consulting

Cultivating Outstanding and Dynamic Educators

J-CODE Consulting is an educational consulting company that provides tools and technique to create and present dynamic content to increase engagement and achievement. With over 11 years of experience working in education we have a developed a skill set for curriculum and workshop support, facilitation strategies, and organization and productivity strategies to guarantee results.Creating and facilitating instruction and workshops on any topic is difficult. Not only is creating a challenge, but assessing the impact of the work is a challenge as well. Our coaching services will increase engagement and produce better outcomes.

Whether you are new to education, a veteran educator, an entrepreneur, a company or an organization that wants to increase engagement and maximize achievement, our services will help you get started in the right direction.

What We Offer J-CODE offers coaching in the following areas:

  1. Organization and Productivity Support-Let’s get your ideas in order. We help you to get organized to maximize your productivity.

  2. Curriculum and Workshop Support– Through a rigorous review process we provide specific feedback on how to improve your current curriculum and workshops. We also give you the tools to design effective curriculum and workshops. You provide the content, we provide the framework and feedback for you to create an engaging curriculum or workshops to increase engagement and maximize achievement.

  3. Facilitation Strategies– Now it’s time to execute. We provide coaching on how to teach, present, and deliver your content in a dynamic way.

We provide individualized and group coaching for our clients to get their desired results. Coaching is provided in person (for the New York City area) or virtual.  

Please email JC@JaniqueCambridge.com to schedule a consultation.

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