Mission Statement: Choosing to live your best life at your full capacity.

The Joy Challenge is choosing to live a life of purpose on purpose. Joy is a challenge because you have to intentionally choose joy each day of your lives. We know that is difficult because of the challenges that one experiences throughout life. The Joy Challenge was created for people who choose to live their best lives at their full capacity sharing the risks they take, challenges they overcome, memories they want to relive, new learnings, and new experiences as they choose to have joy each day of our lives.


Live. Learn. Lead.

  • Live life
  • Learn abundantly
  • Lead others

The Joy Challenge Core Areas

  • Live through new and unique experiences.┬áChallenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Learn how to make informed decisions that impact your everyday life.
  • Lead through progression.┬áBe the catalyst to inspire change in others.