I Teach. I Love. I Laugh. I Cry. I Live. I Wonder. I Wander. I Smile. I Create. I Learn. I Forgive. I Pray.

Belief Statements

I believe that “true wealth is portable,” therefore knowledge is the key to success.
I believe “Your words create your world,” so I strive to speak the life that I want into existence.
My name is Janique and I am a 30 something year old learning how to live my best life. Early on I recognized that teaching was one of my gifts and I have been afforded the opportunity to be in education for almost 10 years. Here, I combine my love of teaching and writing to live my best life on my terms and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

10 RAbout_Meandom Things About Me

1. I bleed orange and blue (Go Knicks!).I’ve been a Knicks fan since ’96, so that means I’m long suffering
2. I was born to teach…It comes natural and I’ve been in education for almost 10 years.
3. I love music concerts, specifically rap (I’ve seen Jay-Z in concert six times)
4. I’m addicted to planners. I’m currently using the Uncalendar and I love it.
5. I can watch Martin a million times and laugh like I’m watching the show for the first time.
6. A few years ago I would not be caught dead in heels under 4”, now I live in flats.
7. I have an insane obsession with lip products.
8. I love the Food Network and Cooking Channel (Cupcake Wars, Cut Throat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, Chopped) I never make any of the recipes though.
9. If I didn’t have self control, I would spend way too much money on pointless kitchen gadgets.
10. I hate scary movies and boxing movies.

5 by 35 Bucket List

I could write 35 things I want to do by time I’m 35, but I want to be strategic to live my best life
1. Own a home
2. Visit Paris
3. Speak at a conference
4. Create multiple streams of income
5. Run the Brooklyn Half Marathon