3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Staycation

Today is #WerkWednesday or #WorkWednesday depending on how sassy you’re feeling. Last week I was on Spring Break and many people expected me to travel, and I was actually thinking about booking a trip, but could not decide on a “perfect” destination. So I made sure I planned a great staycation- a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. Don’t confuse a staycation with “I just didn’t have time to travel, to plan a trip, or I didn’t have money.” A staycation is deliberate choice.
Working hard is of course important, but taking a relaxing vacation is equally important. You need time to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. Most of my vacations involve me on many types of excursions and I often need a vacation from my vacation, so to make sure I am fully focused for the last lap of the school year I decided to stay home in Brooklyn and have some quality time with myself. For some, the picture above does not seem ideal, but if you plan properly and make a deliberate choice then you will have an amazing experience. A beach and a cocktail, although great, are not always necessary to enjoy yourself.
So here are 3 reasons you should take a staycation
  1. Self-Care Most people work demanding jobs or have many responsibilities that pull them in many different directions. Often they forget to take care of themselves unless they have reached a breaking point. So staycations allow you to get things done that you may not necessarily do without any added pressure. You can also do things that you won’t normally do like stay up a little later and not setting the alarm clock. Last week I did some light shopping as retail therapy, got a mani and pedi, spa treatments (bodyscrub, massage, foot reflexology), tried a new restaurant, and I also treated my car with a little TLC by getting it detailed.
  2. Refresh Your Mind– Sometimes we just need to take time to sit down and relax. There needs to be moments where you do not think about what you have to do. You can use this time to meditate and pray, which I did a lot of over the break. You can also take this time to review, revise, and or revamp your goals, I did this as well. Lastly, one of the best ways to refresh your mind is to read a good book, which I did as well.
  3. Save Money- Vacations can be very expensive because you need to book flights and hotels, tours and excursions, and you also spend lots of money eating and finding other forms of entertainment. Staycations are budget friendly because they are low maintenance. You can cook yourself a nice dinner with what you have in your kitchen, you do not have to pay when you have a day at home to just relax, read, meditate, and pray. You do not need to buy new clothes (Most people I know always buy new clothes before a vacation).
I love to travel, but staying home has its benefits as well. My next staycation I will actually do some local exploring (maybe not in New York City) but there is a lot too out in the world and there is a lot to see at home too.

What are your experiences with staycations?

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