5 Ways to Maximize Productivity

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Happy Monday!
Yes Mondays are happy. Well any day of the week that you are alive should be a good one. Remember the challenge? We have to find joy in our lives everyday, even at 8am on a Monday.
If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen my #JCWerkWeek Checklist. If not, here it is.
Werk Week
These are just a few steps for weekly productivity,  but here are five tips to maximize on this list.
1. Plan Ahead- I begin thinking about my menu for the week on Thursday just in case I need to run to the store so I can add that to my to do list for Saturday. I also think about the snacks I want so I am not buying anything processed and filled with sugar that weighs me down. I iron my clothes for the week on Saturday or Sunday. The weather really does not change that drastically within a few days so I choose my outfits and iron what needs to be ironed and hang everything in my closet. This saves me a lot of time. The weeks where I don’t iron my clothes or plan my meals I’m usually throwing on a random dress that does not need to be ironed and eating takeout at least four times for lunch and dinner. This also makes me waste money and ruin my budget.
2. Look Back- I review my goals, schedules, and calendars on Friday so I have a better understanding of what I need to accomplish for work or in my personal life the week ahead. I know that seems strange, first I want you to plan ahead, then I want you to look back. Trust me this works. This will save you valuable time trying to remember what you need to do for the upcoming week. This includes follow-up emails, rescheduled meetings, dinners, or trips to the gym. It’s best to do this on Friday because you know what to expect next week. This will help create smaller to do lists for daily activities.
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3. Go to Sleep Early and Wake Up Early- They say you need 8hrs of sleep for a reason, so don’t try to operate on 2hrs of sleep. I know people say sleep is for the week *rolls eyes* but if you are not well rested you are not going to be productive. When you wake up early you have time to pray and meditate. You can also exercise in the Morning- I am guilty of not doing this, but when I do, the amount of energy that I have for the day is incredible. So go to bed early and wake up early to get your day started.
4. Minimize Distractions– So that means turning off the television or unplugging from your device. When you minimize your distractions you have nothing else to do but the task at hand. So take time to unplug if you are constantly distracted by social media. If you are distracted by your bed, do not work at home. Go to a coffee shop, the library, cafe, or a place with free wifi. Remove yourself from any person, place, or thing that will prevent you from working at your highest level.
When you minimize your distractions you have nothing else to do but the task at hand. #TheJourney2Joy. Click To Tweet
5. Reward Yourself When Needed– If you accomplished specific tasks for the week or met a specific goal treat yourself! This is hard work and takes lots of discipline. So reward yourself for your accomplishments.

How do you maximize your productivity?

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