5 Ways to Stop Overthinking and Just Live

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If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. -Bruce Lee
I understand these words all too well. I’m not going to even tell you all how long it took me to finally say I’m writing about this concept. I think I finally made my decision after a series of weird events that took place last week. I have no idea why I sometimes overthink everything. This is especially true if I’m in an unfamiliar situation. I am very strategic when it comes to making decisions, and although that is a great trait, I sometimes overthink everything. My overthinking seriously manifests itself in my personal life, not my professional life. The nature of my job requires me to make a lot of decisions in a timely fashion.
The first step in overcoming overthinking, is first admitting that you overthink. Once you admit that, you have a problem, you can figure out ways to correct it.
Here is why you should STOP overthinking
-I think I think too much-
  1. You remain stagnant When you overthink, you rarely make decisions in timely fashion and end up procrastinating or not completing a task at all. When you overthink, you prevent yourself from moving forward, even before you get started.
  2. It Causes Stress- When you overthink and are indecisive you become stressed out from the decision making process and we all know the effects that stress has on a person’s mental, physical, and emotional health.
  3. You are rarely present- When you overthink, you are too busy to actually be present and live. When you are not present, you miss important moments that happen throughout life.
Here are 5 Ways to Stop Overthinking Now
5Overthinking will never change your situation. I’m not saying rush to make decisions, but trust yourself enough that you can make the right decisions. Believe in your gifts, talents, and abilities. Do not allow any doubt creep in to take you off your path. This is just a small obstacle in the way of your greatness that you will overcome.
Do you struggle with overthinking? What do you commit to do to stop overthinking?

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