Creating a Vision for 2016 with Vision Boards

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We are days away from 2016 and if you have not started planning for the new year, you are already a step behind. I don’t say that to shame anyone, but I say that to create a sense of urgency. I’m sure you will see on social media posts like “Oh here we go with that new year new me stuff,” or “Why wait for a new year to start fresh?” IGNORE THE NAYSAYERS. You do not have to justify using the new year for a fresh start.
For the last seven years I have been creating vision boards and they have been extremely helpful. I took the time to actually plan what I want my life to be like for the next year. Some people just grab magazines and cut and paste or save images for virtual boards on Pinterest or other digital spaces. It’s difficult to do it that way without preparing.
I hosted a vision board brunch with a few friends the last few years. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some images from the brunch. The food was just a small portion of the day. We talked through our goals, gave each other advice, and created an intentional plan for 2016.
I gave them a few “homework assignments” as I like to call them to help them really do some critical thinking about what they want for their lives.
It is important that you set goals for yourself for the new year. Goals keep on track for what it is that you want to accomplish. Your goals will help guide you as you create your board. Place your board somewhere visible so that it is a constant reminder of what you want to accomplish for the year.
Here are our boards for 2016


If you are in the NYC area and interested in hosting a vision board party or you want a smaller vision clarity session please email for more information.

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