Health and Wellness | The 2 Apps Helping Me Get #Summer18 Ready

Can you believe that #Summer18 is right around the corner (Literally 3 months away)? They always say summer bodies are made in the winter. The last four months I’ve been the most consistent with working out multiple times per week, and now that I’m training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, that will kick my workouts in high gear. I’ve set and accomplished goals of releasing 15 lbs or more over three months and I’ve accomplished that. The last few years, my weight has been very inconsistent and between 2015-2017 I’ve been my heaviest. I’ve stopped worrying so much about the number and focus more on feeling energized and looking great in my clothes.
Over the last two months I’ve been visiting the gym more consistently (I went to the gym more times in one week than I have in two years smh. I also take a free aerobics class at my local PAL (Police Athletic League) center twice a week that has helped me get closer to my life goals, not just #Summer18.
Starting this month I’m going to reintroduce two apps that were pivotal in me getting my weight under control when I was to lazy and afraid to go to the gym.
  • 7-Minute Women’s Workout– Rated #15 in the App Store for Health and Wellness, this app customizes different workouts to help you reach your fitness goals. With options such as 7-minute classic, 7-minute sweat, 7-minute butt, and 7-minute abs, there are lots of options for many of our target areas. They also have longer workouts- 15 minutes if you want to workout for a longer period of time.
* Short and effective workouts that will make you sweat!
* Scientifically proven to improve health
* Burn fat and lose weight with just 7 minutes a day
* Beginner friendly workouts that are easy to perform
* No gym or workout equipment needed
* Personal trainer with voice and video instructions
  • 7- Minute Workout Challenge– What I love about this app are the different types of workouts. Similarly to the 7-Minute Women’s Workout, there are different workout options that this app offers. One focus that this app has that the other does not is a focus on the upper body. A lot of the times when I gain weight, not only does it impact my midsection, but my upper body as well, so I need to do quite a bit of work to tone my arms. This app offers 5-workout challenges- Classic, Fat Burner, AB Blaster, Lower Body, and Upper Body.
*guidance by your personal audio coach
*audio coach gently blends in when needed
*compatible with ALL music apps
*motivational quotes for your mind & body
What I love about the 7-minute workouts is that they are short, quick, and very effective for the person on the go. Did I mention they were both FREE. You don’t always need a gym membership to workout. Sometimes it is difficult to follow workouts from magazines, but both of these apps give video demonstrations of each exercise and coaches you through each workout. They also connect to AppleMusic for us iPhone users and we can still listen to a bomb playlist while getting in shape. If you dedicate 7-minutes a few days a week , you will begin to see a shift in your appearance, mood, and overall energy level.

Download these two apps to get a jump started looking good and feeling great! 

What apps do you use to help kick start your fitness routines?

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