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I’ve been very intentional about my work-life balance after a very stressful year at work. As I reflect on the amount of stress I endured and how things played out, I looked at my responsibility within those situations. Sometimes we can get caught up with the “victim” mentality. We often place the blame on others rather than acknowledging our role in the breakdown of a specific situation.
Without reliving in the past and reliving the story, I take the lessons that I’ve learned and move forward. I’m going back to The Joy Challenge. Joy is a choice, just like everything in life. We cannot rely on other people or external things to bring us joy. We have to choose joy constantly and daily. We have to be responsible for how we act and react in the situations and events that occur throughout life.
I will post a challenge and make a declaration of how I choose to bring joy to myself throughout the week. If I exude joy, my hope and prayer is that it is infectious and would cause you all to choose joy daily as well. I’ve learned that God has called us to be love, life, and light. Just because you are called to do something, doesn’t mean you always answer. It is a CHOICE and right now I am CHOOSING IN.

This week’s challenge: Write a Thank You note to yourself (for 7-days)


We are often our worst critic. We get in our own heads and beat ourselves up about something we didn’t do or should’ve done. The what if’s, should’ves, could’ves, and would’ves, are detrimental to 0ur self-concept and identity. It will make us feel inadequate and like we are not enough. God has equipped us with everything that we need to live in abundance and to be successful.

So I challenge you to write a Thank You note to yourself everyday for seven days. 

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Janique is an educational professional in the New York City area. She is a teacher by nature and uses her writing to express her thoughts and feelings on topics ranging from personal faith to trendy fashion.

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