Life After 30: Why I’m No Longer About the “Turn Up”

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Ok so I’m barely two years into my 30s, but there are just some things that I am no longer equipped to participate in likeĀ I used to engage in when I was younger. In other words, I’m no longer about that “Turn Up” life. For those that are asking, “What’s the turn up?” Simply put, to some it means being “wild,” partying and consuming large amounts of alcohol.
drinking at 30
Now if this is something that you thoroughly enjoy, more power to you, but I just choose not to engage. I’m often told, “Oh you’re boring.” If that’s how you feel, great, but I don’t need to be “Turnt” at all times to have a good time. So here are my reasons why I’m not about the “Turn Up” now.
I like to do other things. My life does not revolve around partying and drinking. I enjoy traveling, trying different cuisines, reading, visiting museums, concerts, sporting events, relaxing at home and lots more. So if I decline your constant invites to drink and party, respect my decision. If I decide to go to your party and don’t drink, respect my decision.
I care too much about my body and I want to have this body for a VERY, VERY, VERY long time. So that means I need to be mindful of what I put in it (The foods I eat and what I drink) and how I treat it. I need rest. I can’t go out and drink and party every night and expect to be alert and well. When you are tired, you cannot maximize your productivity. I need to take care of my body now to minimize or eliminate problems in the future. Lack of sleep and drinking excessively have so many damaging effects on the body. You start gaining weight and looking tired in the face. I need to preserve and protect my pretty. You only get one body so you need to make sure you take care of it.
I simply just don’t want to. And I have the right to feel that way.
I like to think of it like Beyonce and Rihanna. Beyonce can turn up when she wants, but that’s not what her life is about. It’s evident that she enjoys other things from travel, to museums, and photography. Rihanna on the other hand lives for the party life. At least this is the perception from what is portrayed in media and via their social media.
At the end of the day I need to make sure I’m living for me and no one else. If that means spending less time with friends, then so be it. You shouldn’t feel guilty for no longer wanting to engage in the same activities you used to engage in when you were younger. You shouldn’t judge those that do either. My friends and I recently celebrated our 10 year college reunion in October and two of our rules were, “Thou shalt not judge those that do not turn up as much as others” and “Thou shalt not judge those that want to turn up.” They know me and I know them and as long as there is a mutual understanding then everything is all good.

Never apologize for growing. Never apologize for being you. Never feel the need to conform to other people’s ideals. This is #LifeAfter30

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