October Monthly Goals

I was going to do weekly goals, but the way my life is set up, I know I won’t be able to post weekly. So doing monthly goals seems more feasible to me. This will also help me get my big ideas down and think about what I need to do throughout the week to make sure I reach goals.

Monthly Goals for October

  1. Set a meeting with my financial advisor- I need to make sure my money is in order. I know some people are not worried about retirement, but I am. I need to make sure my money is in the right place and ways to pay down some debt.
  2. Bible study at least three times this month- I read my bible daily and pray constantly, but I need to really study the word.
  3. Go to yoga and the gym at least 6 times (not each) for the month-trust me this is a struggle
  4. Meet up with some friends for dinner or brunch at least once this month.
What are your goals for the month?

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