Things to Do: 5 Reasons to Go Quiet Clubbing

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One of the key aspects of The Joy Challenge is to live. What does that mean? It means experiencing new and unique things. So my sister brought up this idea of quiet clubbing to me in October when I was trying to find something to do for my birthday. I thought it sounded silly and I am so over clubs, but I was wrong about this.
A few weeks ago I decided to look into different dates in NYC and sent out a text to some friends about this 80s/90s quiet party. My sister asked a few of her friends as well. So we had an impromptu Girl’s Night Out and had an amazing time.



For those of you that do not know what quiet clubbing is, it’s basically a personalized party. You get noise canceling headphones and you can listen to up to three different DJs. The catch is once you take the headphones off, you don’t hear any music. Strange right?


If you follow me on SnapChat (SimplyJaniqueC) you would have seen videos of green, blue, and red headphones and people singing different songs and dancing to different beats. Each color represents a different DJ or genre of music. On Friday Green was pop, red was 80s/90s music videos (there was a screen playing videos between the DJs), and blue was for 90s hip hop and r&b.

Here are my 5 Reasons to Go Quiet Clubbing

  1. It is an expensive way to have fun. You can get early bird tickets for as low as $5. If you pay at the door it is $13. That beats a $20-$40 cover of your typical night club.
  2. The attire is very low key and casual. I don’t remember the last time I saw so many sneakers and flats in a party atmosphere. I had on a pair of my favorite riding boots. Some night clubs do not allow you in without heels.
  3. Personalized music stations. In a regular party setting there is usually one DJ or a series of rotations. Here if you did not like what was on the blue station, change to red or green. If you didn’t like any of the music, take off the headphones and have a normal conversation with your friends without yelling at each other.
  4.  There wasn’t any bottle service. Some say bottle service ruined the party scene. With bottle service you have a bunch of pretentious people (In most cases not all) standing around trying to look important. I could’ve walked downstairs and could’ve gotten a drink for $5 and went back to partying.
  5. It build’s community. I know this sounds strange, but Team Blue was rocking all night. It was like a silent friendly battle between colors. Team green had it’s moments though. What was great about this also was PEOPLE DANCED. I mean legit dancing with lots of space and room to move. I didn’t have to run away from any creeps. It was awesome.


Check out Quiet Events to see if there is a party happening in your city.
Disclaimer: The thoughts expressed in this post are my own. I purchased the ticket with my own money.

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